Chiropractic Testimonials

"I recently began seeking care from Dr. Nathan for chiropractic. He introduced me to his business by telling me how he helps patients by first examining them through an evaluation and x-rays. I decided to come to Dr. Nathan after seeing other health professionals for my injuries, aches, and pains. I have seen physical therapists, and numerous other chiropractors for my problems with only partial success.

Dr. Nathan began solving my problems with the first treatment which followed immediately after my initial evaluation and x-ray visit. I am a long-time long distance runner and former triathlete; I do weekly long runs and could tell the difference after my first adjustment. Dr. Nathan’s work made a big difference. His technique of adjusting and careful examination helped him get me better aligned so I could run with less pain, which the other chiropractors I had seen had all missed; I have never had adjustments make this big a difference on how my body responded when I tested it on the road with my long-distance running.

Dr. Nathan is super friendly, very professional, and very capable. I recommend him to anyone who really wants to feel better. He is patient and will take the time to listen to your health concerns while doing what he can to get you better."

- Dan

"Over my hockey career I had my fair share of concussions, dislocated an elbow and tore tendons in my knee, which I thought were the worst things that could happen at the time. I’ve also suffered from migraine headaches for most of my life, which most doctors contributed to stress, hormones, and family history. I sadly just accepted that migraines were something that I couldn’t control. 10 years after my last high school game my migraines began lasting 3-4 days and were happening almost every month. The migraine medication was not helping me, let alone it made me feel sick when I took it, so I decided to seek alternative care. I found Dr. Nathan who did a comprehensive exam including x-rays of neck and spine. I never had a doctor or other chiropractor due such an in-depth exam. When he was taking my x-rays he said, “well this explains the migraines, you have reversed curve in your neck”. He showed me were the natural curve of a healthy adult should be. Then told me how a reversed curve can be caused by a WHIPLASH TYPE INJURY and can be seen in car accident victims or even HOCKEY PLAYERS! It was the first time a doctor had told me this in my nearly 20 years of doctor visits to neurologists, physical therapists or anyone else I found to try to help me.

We came up with a plan that involved 2x a week visits for 2 months, then 1x a week after until it gets better. I haven’t had a migraine since I started going. No meds and still no migraines. As a stay at home mother of a little boy it was so hard for me to try to explain that we couldn’t do anything because mom had a headache, now I never have to!

I write this because I hope to help some other people who suffer from migraines or headaches, people who played sports or people who are playing sports like hockey or football. If you have pain in any area of your body seek chiropractic care from Dr. Nathan, your body will be happy you did."

- Kris

"Dr. Khan is awesome. Super nice guy and great at what he does. If your looking for a wonderful chiropractor I would highly recommend Dr Khan!! He has helped me tremendously!!"

- Shawn

"Wow! We are so fortunate to have this guy in Boone! I had a very sore arm and back, probably from a pinched nerve. I visited him for the first time today and I learned so much! Besides relieving the pain, I learned how my lifestyle is damaging my physical health. Very eye-opening! And he explained things so thoroughly. He’s easy going and pleasant! I’d highly recommend him if you’re feeling any pain!"

- Sally

"Wonderful!! Dr is very knowledgeable and willingly answers all of my questions I have. Most of all, He has relieved my chronic back pain! Definitely recommend!"

- Ryan

"Dr. Khan is amazing! He educates you along the way, is very personable and professional!! I would highly recommend him."

- Shelly


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